12 Days of Christmas Special

Thank you for your service throughout the year! Wishing you continued healing and good cheer~

The 12 day Christmas Special is the only special where you can have an opportunity to purchase a package of healing sessions at almost 50% off. You have 12 days to purchase a special and this year you may purchase up to (2) of the same package, even (2) 12 session packages saving you a lot of money for the coming year especially those of you who kindly gift these sessions to others. Last year you were only allowed one and I wanted to offer this to some of you that get weekly work and are dedicated to self healing and that could greatly benefit from this offer. This next year is very big energetically for all of us and extra healing and balancing will be in order! At max you may purchase (2) of each special below if you desired. Healing yourself is the most important thing you could ever do and to invest the time to do so is rewarding for all around you and the world! You can use these sessions for your own personal healing and spiritual growth or share them with others. The gift of awakening and healing is priceless. Happy Holidays~

Regular Price for Energy Healing: $155 full session(75 min) $80 half session(30 min) Reading: $165 full session (75 min) $85 half session(30min) Massage: $100 (60 min) $125 (90 min) Mentoring:$165 (75 min) $85 (30 min) NOTE * There will be a $10-$15 price increase on some services for 2017


12 Days of Christmas

1,266.00 1,980.00


(12) 75 min sessions of your choice: energy healing, readings, massage, or mentoring f

Save over $800 with the new pricing next year.

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Mystic Make Over

333.00 565.00

75 min Energy healing, (1) Reading, (1) Massage (1) Flower Formula

Save $232

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Massage/Energy Healing 

333.00 565.00

75 min Energy healing, (1) Reading, (1) Massage (1) Flower Formula

Save $232

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90 Minute Phone Reading
80.00 165.00

Save $85

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30 Minute Phone Sessions Package
444.00 850.00

(10) 30 min phone sessions

Save $406

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Distance Energy Healing with Altar
55.00 155.00
Get Distance Energy

Notes about the Specials:
You are limited to 2 of each special. For example you cannot purchase 3 (12) 75 min sessions. You can purchase 2 (12) 75 min sessions (1) Mystic Make over and (1) 90 min reading.
12 session package - You can do 6 energy/6 readings or all readings or all energy or all mentoring. You choose how to use your package and pick the services. You can share your sessions with whomever you’d like, gifting to family and friends.
You can use your sessions distance via phone or in person.
You must schedule your sessions with an arranged appointment.
You can use them on a weekly basis or monthly basis or give them all away but all sessions expire by Dec 31st 2017.
You can split the package with others ( if there are 3 of you that want to split the cost and share the 12 sessions).
Payment can be done via credit card online, cash or check. If paying by cash or check, please email heather@graceangels.com.
Your package will be saved in my computer and in a written log to keep track of your sessions as you use them.
Sessions are available for use after Jan 1st 2017
Special ends on Christmas Day