Parties & Events


Mini Readings

Information about mini readings...

Fun for any gathering or party!  Contact Heather for details 


Message Circle

Heather can come and do messages from Spirit in your home. Invite friends, make it a fun event or a healing time for all. 2-hour duration.please contact for details to book,  price varies with guest number and location. 

Contact Heather to plan and schedule a message circle.

Wine and Spirit

Heather offers a Wine and Spirit Series once a month in Aurora IL. She can do personalized Wine and Spirit or mini readings in your home upon request.  Contact for booking. Wine and Spirit is a night where Heather will give messages from Spirit, or the other side and you can also ask questions.  Everyone gets a message in some form and the intention is for us to have fun, joy and laughter while opening our hearts to receive insight to help us on our journey. A very playful way to connect and have fun!  

Contact Heather to book a Wine and Spirit event.