Transform Your Life!

Join me this year for some transformative, restorative and fun gatherings and events! Sign-up for one of my Soul Transformation Retreats, Energy Healing Classes, Oracle Workshops, have fun at our Goddess Social or immerse yourself in an intensive study of the Angels, or learn the techniques of an Intuitive to develop your own practice and help guide people.

With events and retreats planned in the midwest, Arizona, Hawaii, and online, this is a great year to tap in, tune up and move forward. 

“Heather is absolutely  amazing! She has such a wonderful soul and is truly gifted in everything she does. Heather's ability to heal through her energy work/sessions has completely changed all aspects of my life for the better. I have been seeing Heather for almost 5 years now and hope she is in my life forever! She has helped me spiritually, emotionally, and physically overcome many obstacles and move into such a higher space in my career,relationships,and overall self confidence and well being. She has taught me to believe in what you want to create for yourself as you truly can create your reality!”

Michael, IL