Angel Healer Certification — Intensive


Angel Healer Certification — Intensive


Submerse yourself in Angels as you intensely study and learn about 16 archangels and how to use them to heal. Our focus will be on the history and the actual experience of letting the Angels work through us to heal. We will work with each angel individually and apply our learned insight through hands-on healing of others.  Working with Angels is very beautiful and always a harmonious vibration with which to work!

Angel Healer Certification course includes a 222-hour program. Serve others confidently as an Angel Healer upon completion! 48 hrs of class time and experience, 44 hrs of meditation, 33 hrs of self care, 44 hrs of outside practice sessions, 15 hrs of long distance angel sessions, 8 hrs with Heather (Perform a healing on Heather, receive a healing from Heather, work on 3 people assigned by Heather, work side by side Heather on a client.) 15 hrs of sound vibrational healing (using sound to change vibration through crystal bowls, chimes, harp, bells, or voice harmonics and singing angelic hues.) 15 hrs of conscious eating and nutrition that supports the light body. Certificate granted after all hrs are completed.

Each Day we work with two archangels. History and facts about each angel, talking with the angels, seeing/feeling the angels, allowing the angels to work through you, attuning to their frequency, self healing with the angels, and meditation with the angels.

Angel Healer  1,222  

This course is offered 3 times this year: Spring: May 20th-27th 2019  Summer Aug 19th -26th and Winter: Dec 9th -16th 2019 Starting time every day 9am-4pm Mon Wed Fri Sat Sun and 1pm -8pm Tues and Thursday with a lunch break.

Where: 1800 Dewes st Suite D Gleview IL

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