Intuitive Certification


Intuitive Certification


Learn all the techniques of an Intuitive (clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, oracle cards, medical intuition, prayer, akashic records and many others!) with proper self care and how how to develop your practice. This is a very thorough and detailed program to get you completely ready to do accurate readings and offer guidance for people.

The course work entails a 444 hr program. 96 hrs of class time instruction, 100 hrs of outside sessions, 100 hrs of self care supporting the body and soul, 140 hrs of meditation, 8 hrs working with Heather. (includes performing a reading and receiving a reading from Heather, sitting in on a session with her, and working with a selected few of Heather’s clients.  

The Intuitive Counselor Certification Course is available in a two week time schedule. The Intensive track packs the full certification course in a 2 powerful week of study.  When you sign up you are registering for week 1 and week 2 of the program which includes all areas of study to become certified. The self study must be completed before certificate is granted.  

An in-depth 8-class course:

Intuitive 1:  Introduction History and Science of Intuition 

Intuitive 2:  Self Care    

Intuitive 3:  Prayer and Intention    

Intuitive 4:  Oracle Card Readings   

Intuitive 5:  Mediumship, Communicating w Loved Ones  

Intuitive 6:  Akashic Records   

Intuitive 7:  Medical Intuition and Distance Readings   

Intuitive 8:  Developing Your Practice  

Tuition: $4444  Payment Plan available 

Date: Intensive 9am -4pm Mon Wed Fri Sat Sun and Tues Thurs 1pm-8pm with a lunch break included.

Offered twice this year:: Summer Week 1 June 24th -July 1st   Week 2  July- 22nd- 29th       

Fall Week 1 Sept-23rd- 30th  Week 2  Oct-21st- 28th 

Where: 1800 Dewes St Suite D Glenview IL

Certification Course:
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