Energy Healing 1&2


Energy Healing 1&2


Have you wanted to learn energy healing but not sure what class to take? Do you feel like you are here for something bigger? The world needs more light workers! We need you!  This is a class that will teach you the roots of what energy healing is and whats behind any modality you will ever learn. Once you know the basics you can learn anything!

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You will learn:

  • How to Clear energy

  • Restore energy

  • Perform a Pain drain and facilitate energy release

  • Laser Light

  • Chakras

  • Filling or sealing Energy

  • Working within the Energy Field

  • How to use Intention

  • The power behind all energy healing practices.

Energy Healer Certificate included

Energy Healing is the way of the future. It helps our bodies heal from trauma, mental stress, negativity, emotions and injury. t allows the body to rebalance itself and move into a state of peace and harmony.  Energy healing has proven to greatly effect your mind, body and soul in profound ways.

Some things it may help with but not limited to are reducing pain, boost immune system, relieve headaches, reduce anxiety and stress, promote faster wound healing, gain clarity, break old patterns and give you inspiration to move forward. Energy work may also help with mental illness, depression, bi-polar disorder, cancer patient pre/post healing, any and all addictions, and grief. Energy healing creates a space for you to receive what you need on your journey!

Heather has been teaching and doing energy healing for over 15 years and worked on thousands of people. You can read more about Heather in her Bio under About Heather

Dates: 9am-4pm

Where: 1800 Dewes St suite D Glenview IL