Intuitive Counselor Certification—Relaxed Schedule


Intuitive Counselor Certification—Relaxed Schedule


Learn all the techniques of an Intuitive—clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, oracle cards, medical intuition, prayer, akashic records and many others! Plus, learn proper self care and how to develop your practice. This is a thorough and detailed certification program that completely prepares you to do accurate readings and offer guidance for people.

Tuition—$4,444 for all 8 classes ($555.50/class).

Relaxed Course Schedule
Intuitive 1:  History and Introduction to Intuition  //  Sept 9–10
Intuitive 2:  Self Care  //  Sept 16–17
Intuitive 3:  Prayer and Intention  //  Sept 30–Oct 1
Intuitive 4:  Oracle Card Readings  //  Oct 14–15
Intuitive 5:  Mediumship—Communicating with Loved Ones  //  Oct 21–22
Intuitive 6:  Akashic Records  //  Oct 28–29
Intuitive 7:  Medical Intuition and Distance Readings  //  Nov 18–19
Intuitive 8:  Developing Your Practice  //  Dec 2–3

Full Course Guide for Intuitive Counselor Certification:
Learn all the techniques (clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, oracle cards, medical intuition, prayer, akashic records and many others!) of an Intuitive with proper self care and how how to develop your practice. This is a very thorough and detailed program to get you completely ready and accurate to do readings and offer guidance for people.

Requirements: (30) 75 min sessions outside of class—one of these sessions is done on Heather; 20 hrs of self care (massage, yoga, energy healing, readings, acupuncture, chiropractor, etc.), 20 hrs of meditation—5 hrs of one-on-one mentoring with Heather, 3 hrs of organic diet and healthy eating. Certification is received upon completion of required hours and will be mailed upon completion. 

Tuition—$555.50/course or $4,444 for all 8 Intuitive courses

Intuitive 1: History and Introduction to the ways to receive intuition. Clairvoyance—clear seeing, clairaudience—clear hearing, clairsentience—clear feeling, claircognizance—clear knowing. Using your spirit guides and angels. (Sept 9–10, 2017)

Intuitive 2: Self Care—protection, boundaries, clearing negative energies, removing energy blocks, addressing and healing our fears, self healing, vibrational eating, nurturing yourself, replenishing energy, sleep, meditation. (Sep 16–17, 2017)

Intuitive 3: Prayer, Intention, Belief, Manifestation. This is a core class that will shape how you become a powerful healer and intuitive. We find an opening prayer for you to work with and reform any beliefs to help support your energy and what your creating for yourself and for your clients. Create the life you want and help others do the same. (Sept 30–Oct 1, 2017)

Intuitive 4: Oracle Card Readings. Use different oracle decks from different backgrounds and learn how to be able to read any kind of deck. (Oct 14–15, 2017)

Intuitive 5: Mediumship—communicating with loved ones. Receiving and understanding messages and energies from the other side and being able to share those messages in a positive, healing, heartfelt way. (Oct 21–22, 2017)

Intuitive 6: Akashic Records. We open your own records and dive in into communication with yourself and learn how to do this for others. This involves writing. (Oct 28–29, 2017)

Intuitive 7: Medical Intuition/Scanning the physical body. Distance Readings—phone work. Learn the health aspects of this work and how to tune in to talking with the body to receive information. Learn how to do readings and get information when someone in on the phone or far away. Prepares you for phone readings (Nov 18–19, 2017)

Intuitive 8: Developing your Practice. (Dec 2–3, 2017) Create your name, business cards, starting your work, vision questing, and meditation practices to creating the best practice for you. Tune into Spirit for your own Reading!

Tuition—$555.50/course or $4,444 for all 8 Intuitive courses

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