Kids Energy Academy

Schooling for the Next Dimension


Energy Classes for Children

These classes (Star Seeds, Wizards, and Avatars) will teach children about energy and how it affects all of us.  They will learn how to use energy to create and manifest things in their life and how to protect themselves against negative energy. They will be shown how to develop and use their abilities such as telepathy, intuition, and sending and receiving energy. They will also be shown how to use the energy with crystals and metaphysical concepts.

It is time to let the little people lead the way! Let's teach them about the power within so they can connect in ways that will help them with their experiences here on earth.

3–5 years  Star Seeds   10–10:45am 

6–10 years Wizards   11–12pm  

11–15 years Avatars   12:15 –1:15pm

5+ years  Little Healers  1:30–2:30pm — This class will teach children about healing techniques to clear and restore energy in others. This is hands on healin and remote healing concepts for the healer child.

The techniques include magnetic clearing, laser light, pain drain, chakras, body talk, hands of light, crystals, sound healing and more!  With this class, children will learn how to practice to become a healer.  

5+ years Little Angels  2:45–3:45pm — This class will teach children all about the angels! They will learn angel names and what each one does.  They will also learn how to call upon them for help and how to ask for guidance. "Calling all Angels!"  

Kids Planetary Meditation  (Date/time to be announced) — This will be a group meditation with an emphasis on world healing. Free

Cost: 20$ per class (except free Kids Planetary Meditation class, and the first session)

Date: 3rd Sunday of the month — Sept 16, Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16, 2018

September 16th is our Opening Day and it is FREE!  We invite you to try our classes, ask questions, and ensure you enjoy them!