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Full Moon

  • 1800 Dewes Street, Suite D Glenview, IL, 60025 United States (map)

A time of completion and release! Full moons bring out emotions and awareness to what things need to change in our life and that we need to let go of and complete. Honor your sensitivity during this time and the power the energy has on moving things forward. Moon ceremonies and rituals help enhance and direct the energy in a powerful way that can amplify your intentions and bring forth manifestations. We will also direct our intentions on the planet to make the shifts it needs to release and change. 

Full moon in Virgo brings out our warrior energy, our inner strength and power to rise above.  Our support always comes from the inside. When we reach for our inner strength we can't play the victim or complain anymore, we can't stay stuck or hold ourself back, we can't get irritated and feel bad for ourselves or blame others or life.  When we tap into the inside we are enlightened and empowered!  We are charged and strong!  This moon may bring up little things you are frustrated with but all in good fun for rising above it.  You can do this, you can support yourself and your own self healing.  You will have the warrior energy on your side to ground your steps and walk confidently forward.  This Full moon also brings financial abundance that should carry into April and May, meaning giving you the upgrade your business needs or more clients or a promotion or raise.  You could get help from a friend or relative or support in your endeavors on a project or venture.  Partnerships will and should be more grounded finally and in alliance to help assist one another and break through hard obstacles that have been setting us back. Whatever one couldn't deal with prior may be able to move through the bulk of it now and be a team player and at least work towards a common goal.  The energy is power and strength so look for it from the inside and connect with that deeply and intimately. In this place we will find our passion, we will dance with it and fall in love with it and nothing will stop us.  We can make anything happen right now so use this virgo moon to empower the soul warrior within and open to the support and abundance that is coming in! Virgo moon wants to support us! We must first learn how to support ourselves by going within and knowing our warrior.  

Moon Blessings~ 

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