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Full Moon

  • 1800 Dewes Street, Suite D Glenview, IL, 60025 United States (map)

A time of completion and release! Full moons bring out emotions and awareness to what things need to change in our life and that we need to let go of and complete. Honor your sensitivity during this time and the power the energy has on moving things forward. Moon ceremonies and rituals help enhance and direct the energy in a powerful way that can amplify your intentions and bring forth manifestations. We will also direct our intentions on the planet to make the shifts it needs to release and change. 

This Full moon in Libra in the lovely month of April which is Aries and brings some fire!  It is also called the Pink Moon, or Super Blood Moon and it can have a lot of potential overall, but also some struggles depending on how we use our energy. Moons always bring attention to the things that are not in balance or things we are struggling with. It helps us have the courage to speak up or look at things a little deeper and see what we need to address.  This moon energy has been building and we may have had many insights and urges this past week to make the changes necessary to move forward.  Aries is independent, bold, and takes action. There is a surge of energy here to work with, now being Aries we have the aggressive side or nature that can get out of hand if used incorrectly causing fights, conflict, war and bullying. Afterall it is a force.  We can definitely make things happen right now and using the energy in a positive way can serve as much more rewarding for us if we have a light minded agenda.  We may feel compelled to make that decision, or speak up, or perhaps change our look. We may have the courage to be bold and try something new or take an adventure, take a risk.  This is triggering deep deep cellular work for us and releasing old family patterns or disfunctional patterns that are not helping our soul evolve any further. Where you felt stuck...may now be unstuck and easier to do. We may release the energy in anger or bluntness or state our independence from co dependent relationships. We are aggressive for light and are eager to move more towards our soul path at this time.  With the full moon we are releasing and letting go, some things we knew we needed to and some things will let themselves go without warning.  This is sudden and abrupt changes, it is action and declaring our new spaces in which we desire to live and grow in.  We are ready to make things happen and to make the move.  Conflict is more abundant at this time because there is so much change and rearranging.  Detach from the old idea of yourself and who everyone thinks you are, maybe release people or things or beliefs you have been hanging on too. The irritation is building to set things on fire and move into our next vibrations and life situations.  Look over your clutter and get rid of some things, honor the purging process and clear the way for some movement.  You may experience a break though with something, or finally have direction you've been praying for, or a flash of insight may really be clear to the exact thing you need to do.  This energy is intense, its ruthless, and/or passionate. It's strong, confident, and leading us to discover more truth about who we are and what we want.  If you haven't been able to move forward I promise that you will this month!  It is a catapulted fireball of whatever you want it to be! It will serve you if you let it.  Try to stay centered and not lash out to0 aggressively til your own shadow stuff passes, your realizations and truths may not be the same as others and its important to stay focused on what's in your own lane.  The potential is huge to do well and accelerate your light path, this is like a portal to jump forward and release all the baggage.  Success and confidence may find you smiling this month and your new direction feeling firm and solid. Having the power to walk forward finally may bring freedoms in all areas of your life.  It is of upmost importance that we remember why we are here right now at this time. We are here to bear the light and be an unstoppable force of Love that raises the vibration of this planet. We do that as warriors determined to stand our ground for light, detectives of our own souls in finding any and all darkness to transcend and as lovers finding our own true love within. We are boldly going forward on our paths and nothing will stop us.  The Spiritual Warrior is now loose! 

Moon Blessings 

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