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Full Moon

  • 1800 Dewes Street, Suite D Glenview, IL, 60025 United States (map)

A time of completion and release! Full moons bring out emotions and awareness to what things need to change in our life and that we need to let go of and complete. Honor your sensitivity during this time and the power the energy has on moving things forward. Moon ceremonies and rituals help enhance and direct the energy in a powerful way that can amplify your intentions and bring forth manifestations. We will also direct our intentions on the planet to make the shifts it needs to release and change. 

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10th is intense as the scorpio energy always is. Whatever your going through you can be sure that you will be able to access deeper understanding of it now.  Being in May ~Taurus helps us get grounded through it and manifest whats needed in the earth realm to move us forward while Scorpio Moon moves deeper into our emotional layers and helps bring our fears to light.  We can be very afraid of the unknown and what we may turn into if we really let it all go.  Scorpio moon helps us take the darker, deeper parts of ourselves and bring them to the surface for transformation.  It is also intuitive, so you may feel a little more intuitive than normal this week, maybe where things were blurry or clouded the water is clear and you can see what is in front of you.  As we get access to our fears and uncover our deeper psyche we can now see where we have been weak or afraid or powerless by our own wounding.  Scorpio has a lovely way of being a detective and searching out and disecting things, it is able to bring the deepest darkest energies to the surface.  That means for you the darker places that reside in ones being can be seen right now and also transformed.  We all have fears but some of us have been crippled by one or two really big fears and that should be apparent now what that is and how it has been getting in our way of being the butterfly of our own freedom.  This energy is intense, emotional, and penetrating to our energy fields. It can be in its off side manipulative and vengeful and like a child throwing a tantrum try to convince you that it needs to stay or keep you from really taking the steps forward that are needed for this new birth. Our own fears and wounds can be our biggest enemy and scorpio has the will and determination to see through them. It can help us release the darker energies that cripple us. Where we think we are done or complete with a situation or experience scorpio can show otherwise and help us really make the final steps to transform old energy completely.  This moon will give you access to feel things that need to be felt, we can't ignore our emotions or let them pile up unattended for too long! Sooner or later they will have to be dealt with if we truly want to change our lives.  Its important to have friends right now or support groups to help you see what gets hidden, the Scorpion in all of us can help each other see a little deeper into our own consciousness and hold space for the transformation. However painful that may be because we know that the caterpillar does experience the pain of breaking out of the cocoon, so do we as we start to see that we are not the caterpillar anymore but a wet butterfly and we need to get out of where we have been marinating and step forward into the unknown.  Scorpio isn't afraid of the unknown it embraces it and that is helping us right now as we are starting our new journeys or our next phases in life.  Let feelings be felt, its ok to cry. We are saying good bye right now to a part of ourselves and I know their is sadness in that and how perfect for this moon to clean out and clear away anything thats left! As this full moon hits its peak you should feel very clear what it is you need to do, the chaos of indecision and fear should settle and the path will be known and seen.  Intense heck yeah!  The world needs to shift and its can only do that if we all leave the old energy behind. Don't be afraid, you will have everything you possibly need to walk your path and although you cannot see it all yet you should have the clarity to know you at least need to walk it!  During the darkest time comes the lightest times.  Sending you strength to looker deeper at yourself and embrace where your potential lies, we tend to want to hide and not let ourselves be seen when we are scared of taking our next steps. This is not a time to hide but a time to unite and share with friends and help each other out of the cocoon. Running back where it is dark and safe is to be expected but there is no more room in our cocoon for the wings of a butterfly. 

Moon Blessings~

Heather Faun  








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