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Goddess Social — August

Being a mom has been a huge adjustment to the time I have for myself. There have been so many days that I have not even brushed my hair! I will go out to run errands without make up—sometimes still in my pajamas—because I'm in such a hurry to make sure everything is done and everyone else has everything they need, all of this along with running my business.  On my path I have met amazing influential women that have made these days seem possible to get through and they have shared wonderful stories with me that have made all the difference to having the courage and perseverance to be the beautiful mom and leader I am today. 

It's time to look and feel beautiful and share our journey's with each other.  We women are miracle workers in so many ways and we are the future leaders and pioneers paving the way for many more to come. We all have amazing talents and wisdoms that can help others.  The Goddess Social is about getting women together that are on the spiritual path and evolving. To share our stories, get inspired, and feel supported on our journey.  It's an extraordinary time on the planet.  This is a time to meet new women and network, to get connected with a mentor or hear words of encouragement to help you be brilliant and beautiful. We all have challenges and obstacles and sometimes hearing someone's story or words can make all the difference to help you with yours. Lets support each other to be beautiful and be miracles! 



I want to take some time to bring the beauty back into my life and share my own wisdoms with others and celebrate my inner Goddess—and I want to invite you all to join me. We all need to remember who we are and how beautiful we are inside and out. We all have something to share. I feel that taking the time to be beautiful and enjoy ourselves as working women, mothers, providers, and world changers is important. We are the future and our perseverance and determination, combined with our intuition and creative minds, makes us a beautiful unstoppable force. It's time to celebrate the Goddess in all of us! 

So, come join me for a Goddess Socal.  This is an evening for you to connect with other awakened and evolved women on their spiritual journey. A time to find a mentor, or network with someone that has walked the path before you and can share her wisdom and encouragement.  Look stunning and enjoy your beauty! You are gorgeous inside and out and we are all mirrors for each other.  It will be an evening of sisterhood and connection to enjoy our beauty and share our stories and the paths that led us to where we are today.  Together we will empower, encourage and inspire each other.  I want to invite you to come and be beautiful, be joyful, and laugh!  Let's all come together and share our Goddess spirits!  

Each Goddess Social we will feature a women and her amazing talents.

When:  The 3rd Wednesday of every month.   

Where: Hampton Social 705 Village Center Burr Ridge, IL 

Time:   5pm–7pm  

Cost:    Free (but each person is responsible for their own dinner and drinks) 

Attire:  Dress up in a way that makes you feel beautiful!

All women are welcome, but you must RSVP below. A surprise beauty gift will be given at each dinner for every Goddess that attends. 


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