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Planetary Changes Lecture

Our planet is changing! The weather is getting more intense and people are feeling the pressure shifts physically and mentally. These shifts can make you feel a bit crazy as we let go and release these dense energies that were holding us back. There are deep emotions clearing out of our consciousness and DNA, it can be very challenging as we move through it.  

Self-healing has become essential to survive these new frequencies that are quickly becoming our new reality. Finding ways to center, meditate, find peace, and heal old wounds is so critical now. We need to "lighten the load" as we ride into the next dimension. If we have our intuition turned on and we are connected to the infinite intelligence, we can ride the wave smoothly into the next dimension. Knowing how to manage your own energy field and tap into the higher vibrations is the key to shifting from one paradigm to another. 

This lecture will show you how to prepare for the coming times through self-care and healing. You will learn about the changing energies and vibrations around us and the shifting consciousness. And you will be shown how to use the new frequencies being downloaded to enhance your journey.  Knowing what's ahead is helpful while we go through these inevitable changes. I am happy to share with you how to prepare energetically and physically for these transformative times on our planet. Get yourself prepared so you can enjoy all the energy shifts happening right now!  Learn how to trust yourself and co-create greatness as we go! 

Cost is FREE and there are four opportunities to get this valuable information!


Date:  Sunday, June 3rd 

Time:  5 PM – 7 PM

Place: 675 Station Blvd, Aurora, IL


Date:  Wednesday, June 6th 

Time: 12 PM – 2 PM

Place: 1800 Dewes St, Suite D, Glenview, IL 


Date:  Monday, June 18th  

Time: 6 PM – 8 PM 

Place: 675 Station Blvd, Aurora, IL 


Date:  Wednesday, June 27th 

Time: 12 PM – 2 PM 

Place: 1800 Dewes St, Suite D, Glenview, IL 


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