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Open to the energy of the Angels! Angels are energies here to help us during our experience on earth. They can assist and heal situations with their vibrations. Beings from the other dimensions such as angels are helping us awaken and raise our vibration. They are supporting and loving us while we are learning in our human form. Use the Angels! Call upon them! Allow them to help! With loving embrace there is no energy like that of the angels, pure unconditional love.

You will Learn:

About Angels, Their role, purpose, and history

Connect with 4 Arch Angels~ Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael

How to allow the Angels to assist you

Prayer Intention and Sound

Feel the Angels and attune to their frequency

When: April 6th

Where: 675 Station Blvd Aurora IL 60504

Cost: 65.00

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Later Event: April 9
Light School Lectures