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Light School Lectures

Light school

Every Tuesday at 9am-10:15am 675 Station Blvd Aurora with Heather Faun on various spiritual topics and subjects. Have tea with Heather and expand your soul.

Cost $20 Contact Heather to register


March 12th Topic “Spiritual Awakening” What is a spiritual awakening? Have you had one? How did it change your life?

March 19th Topic “Manifesting Miracles” Take your manifesting to a whole new level!

March 26th Topic “A Way In” Find out how to get into your soul. Feel the energy of who you are and what you’re all about.

April 2nd Topic “ Heal” Healing is something everyone can do but few know how. Learn simple questions you can ask yourself to trigger the body to open and heal.

April 9th Topic “Meditate & Create” Meditation is the key to creating the life you want.

April 16th Topic “Super Powered Heart” The heart is the most power intelligence we have. Use your super powers and raise the vibration anywhere you go! Love is the answer.

April 23rd Topic “Angels are Everywhere” Angels are here to help. You can use them right now to guide you.

April 30th Topic “Sensitives & Self Care” Empaths have extraordinary sensitivities. You need to learn how to navigate your gift so that it can be helpful to you and others. “With great powers comes great responsibility”

May 7th Topic “ Wounded Child” Our deepest wounds are our greatest gifts. From our past hurts we emerge and triumph. Where we have had pain we have opportunity. A different look at our wounds and the possibilities to grow and heal.

May 14th Topic “ Making Peace” Peace is a calming energy we wish we could have more of and we do that by making it within ourselves. Open to inviting peace on a daily basis.

May 21st Topic “Tune in” Amplify your intuition, take your intuitive abilities to the next level by learning how to listen. Listening is a skill that must be practiced. We have the ability to know things without any knowledge prior, our intuitive intelligence is a very fine tuned ability.

May 28th Topic “Flower Power”

June 4th Topic “Altar Building”

Earlier Event: March 9
Energy Healing 3&4
Later Event: March 19
Light School Lectures