Meditation for Anyone

The Art of Living Meditation

How I incorporate easy meditation into my daily routine


Meditation can be 30 minutes or 5 — it doesn’t matter, as long as you do it. Your intention can be so powerful in those 5 minutes that it may be the energetic equivalent to 3 hours.

The benefits of meditation are very impactful. Mindfulness meditation harnesses your internal power, transcending the normal confounds of time and space, and allows for old cell memory and emotional traumas to be transformed. Meditation is unplugging from one reality and creating another; to rest in, play in, heal in, love in, expand in, cry in; get clear in, and to be guided in. It’s your space to see and feel and CREATE in.

Meditation comes in all forms, some guided, some silent, some chanting, and some to rap music. You can meditate to anything, anywhere. We all have different ways of connecting to our inner power. The important thing is that you’re doing it.

My favorite meditation is running with my favorite music, I also love sitting in silence, both equally beneficial and powerful. Now go meditate and gravitate to what you want to make!

Make this world a better place. If you would like a guided meditation, you can access mine on the meditation page. 

OM & Blessings,


Surviving The Shift of the Super Full Moon

Hello fellow light ones,

I have been feeling the effects of this moon for the last few days and really had a good long cry this morning. As we know full moons help us access our feelings and release them, but this moon has amplified that a bit. Right now all of us are feeling our inner pains, our sorrows, and where we have come short in the mix. We all have healing we are doing whether one talks about it or not we are all feeling the squeeze of this full moon on our hearts. Its like the energy is wrapping itself around our hearts and wringing them out. What is coming out? Well that would be all those lovely emotions and feelings that you are having right now! This is a time when our feelings come alive and bubble up, things that have been secretly bothering us while we grin and say "I'm fine"  things we bottle up are just as important to acknowledge as the happy joyful ones.  When our frustrations heat up and we have had absolutely enough of someone or something. This is when our deep wounds are shown to us and where we need to change things in our life. Its never bad to cry, and its never wrong to have sadness, anger, or frustration. However transform your life from these powerful little feelings and messengers releasing from your soul right now! We are all being confronted with our darker side or wounded side and that is a blessing. As this comes up and starts to release you may feel like you are truly moving backwards because we do regress some or have regressed some this past month, the end of November took us a few steps back into our pain and suffering and we are somewhat drowning in the release of it all right now.  Don't mean to sound depressing but it is a time of deep soul healing.  We are letting go or trying to let go of parts of ourselves that we have found so much comfort in...I even made myself my favorite comfort foods as my release came up...and resorted to making a casserole my mom used to make when I was a child which I haven't ate in I'm right there with all you in this.  Just because I get information and do healing work on others doesn't mean I have done all my work, I always have something to improve, I am actively feeling this with you and have compassion for those in the hardest situations right now. We are experiencing the growing pains of becoming more evolved.  We thought the ascension process was going to be easy....ha! It has its highs and lows thats for sure but most of all is that we must stay steady, wait out the storm, never give up!  Each moon will peel back layers for you and with your own desire to be greater it will reveal what you are not. In this you find the release. We are all working on becoming brighter and lighter and we are feeling the heaviness of the world and what we have created. You will make it through these emotions and come out free as a bird but it is a process. This month of December brings so much emotion and energy up that you may find it very hard to do your normal christmas things. We are all going into a deep state of transformation and hibernation and if you haven't tried energy healing I truly suggest you do this month! Just to help you clear out what's coming up and stay centered, or else it will be coming out at all those around you! Oh and did I say sensitive? I forgot to mention our increased sensitivity next year!  Holy Shift in our abilities like telepathy, clairaudience, and intuition!  So everybody take a deep breath in .........we will get through this and its necessary for us to make the changes in our life we need to make. This should push you to the next step, mainly because you have had enough of the past patterns! Looking forward to connecting with you again soon and if you are desiring a space to help shift this energy check out the upcoming soul transformation retreats on the site. 

Peace and Harmony to you light ones

Love Heather 

Global Shift

Light Ones! How are you doing?  Its been an interesting past few months.  I have been very busy which is wonderful because that means more of you are awakening! The process is painful, I'm not going to sugar coat it. Rejection, Fear, Anger, Guilt, Shame, Sadness, Loneliness, Abandonment, Uncertainty, Irritation.... if you don't know what I'm talking about maybe you opted out of the SHIFT thats happening on the planet right now but I would not say your lucky because your missing out! I think it has become undeniable but than again there are always those that don't have a clue about what I'm talking about. There is so much out there now so it makes it easier for those that want to awaken to do so, and there are more healers than ever holding space for a million more to step into their true selves.  Those who wish to stay in denial will have the hardest time here right now, old patterns, religions, out dated traditions or world views, rigidness, limiting beliefs all hold us back and I do have compassion for those suffering. Try not to get angry if a partner is not evolving or a friend or family, they will in their divine time. What's important is that you keep moving forward and open to your greatness, by healing yourself.  Everything is perfectly unfolding and the more we let go the easier it becomes. Many are being forced to look at themselves and although pointing the finger seems apporpriate and justifying, these lessons we have been in are perfect for our own personal journey and growth and what be are transforming to become. I feel like I have become an expert at holding space for others to see their answer and themselves clearly.  This comes from practice but above that listening.  When we listen to the energy, to our hearts, to that space between each other it is impossible to hide the truth. And why do we have to go through all this??!!  Can't we just skip over all the healing!  Well you can't skip over it but you can make it a lot more fun!  We cannot enjoy the light when we are weighed down with an emotional mess and debris and density, so have some laughs while your taking yourself so seriously and enjoy the process that you will never have to go through ever again. Letting go is an understatement, I think letting go has taking on a deeper form for myself as I have had to really look at old beliefs that were causing me to suffer. Really be a detective and see what your triggers are because there my friend is the answer to your own healing.  To not engage in the madness of one's world is a skill that does take practice. Learning to listen and not take things personally will bring you much freedom.   Above all else listen to your soul, your guidance, to Spirit.  The universe is amazing, it has an intelligence, an infinite intelligence that is you and is connected to everyone and everything. I feel that this divine flow is our destiny and we will all be aligning to it, willingly or unwilling.  Sometimes I feel the oneness when I'm out and about or with a group of people and that I am not a body at all. Having this awareness while in a my body is fearlessness and a new comfort.  We can intellectually understand oneness meaning from a cerebal perspective but feeling it and being it is a whole new ball game. I have been very excited about the new energies coming in, I love the highs and bliss points and man do I feel good. The knowing of who we are is deeply powerful and yet profound evereytime.  Our natural state of being feels like euphoria truly and we all get glimpses of it here and there through out our roller coaster ride of healing.  Everyone is going through big things right now, and they are scared, the unknown is scary...or is it? Theres always a light at the end of the tunnel and this light is forever.  I am moving into a more joyful place in my heart and I want to share the energy and vibration with the world. I love holding space for people to get clarity and to remember who they are, but most of all I love watching one shift their entire energy to that of connection and love.  It is a privelge to be here on the planet right now with all of you. Remember who you are and if your not sure yet make it your mission to find out.  Consciousness is shifting and we are destined to become great. Everything that is happening is a blessing and moving us forward to a new world, and a new way to live. We are moving into the next dimensions and calling them home. With these shifts our telepathy will improve, our intuition, and our sensitivities. Make sure to surround yourself with other people that are awakening or awakened, vibration is key and being in the energy of openness and love, connection and acceptance will keep your vibration in a good place.  All you have to do is ask and it is given.  Connect with your soul families and kindered spirits! We are all being asked to step into things that are a bit uncomfortable but remember its for a greater cause.  Follow your inner guidance with confidence and passion. Trust the process!   As always my advice is to stay in good company while going through the shift, reach out and get help, open your heart and be authentic, and don't take things personally. The truth is always within you. May you be blessed with true freedom the limitless possibilities of your soul. You are the light let it shine through. Connect soon  Love  Heather Faun Basl 

Full Moon July 9th

Full Moon in Capricorn and with the Sun in Cancer.  These last few days may have made you feel a  little irritated or easy to get agitated, not because of other people but because of yourself. Our own stuff makes us moody and the last few days has brought deeper patterns to the surface and I'm sure you noticed them. Its kinda of impossible not to notice whats there trying to release from  your consciousness right now. You may feel down that you still have any old patterns at all...but as they surface more and more they are easier to see, recognize and choose a better response.  We are also witnessing a purge of energy through our energetic bodies and we see it as it comes up to release so don't get too down on yourself or any situations as it is part of the process to release these old energies for good.  This moon is getting to the deeper stuff that has been in the way for the major breakthroughs. Its like the rock that finally gets unstuck.  We can see ourselves a little clearer and where our hang ups are. I was getting pretty irritated the other day and I could clearly see it was me and my pattern. Made me more frustrated that I could see it so clearly! LOL  We are processing a lot right now. This moon has us sitting in a space where we can get to the bottom of who we are and what we need to let go of to get there.  What do I want...who am I ....why am I here...what is going on....where am i!  Its a little confusing here and there's nothing to hang on to.  We have to trust and be willing to see ourselves and where our own short comings are and let those go!   Where we are afraid we need to walk and where we are resistant we need to embrace. Life is moving along with or without we have a choice to let go move on or stay in our safe place. You may have wanted some alone time or space with all of your energies flying around. Taking time to reflect and feel, allowing yourself good sleep and rest to allow your body to move out whats not serving you is good.  This moon gives us that deeper push into what we really need to do in our life, what do we really need to change?  It will help you move that block so you can sincerely move forward.  Although very hard something very necessary in your life needs to be let go of and I'm sure you know what that is!  Truth about your relationships will be clear and how you really feel about them and the situation. You will see where your heart is and most likely choose to follow that path. Clarity on different levels is pushing through the layers to penetrate deep into our consciousness and we are needing these energies to be strong and resilient to walk our paths. Some of us have been scared to jump into our next journeys and its because we don't know what will happen! And some of us can see glimpses into the future and that scares us too! Its all okay!  Life is moving and we will be severely uncomfortable if we ignore the things coming up this full moon.  Suffering is something we are creating not what the universe wants for us. The suffering comes in us not changing or holding on to the past. When will we see that change and growth is for a better life? Let the emotions pass and go for it. You know what you need to do. Its only up from here!  What are you waiting for...things hurt and are painful but not forever. Whatever is lost or leaving you brings the message of new growth and new beginnings.  Release whats blocking you from being happy and brilliant and get on with your beautiful life.  It's a time of Miracles! 

Moon Blessings 

Heather Faun