Global Shift

Light Ones! How are you doing?  Its been an interesting past few months.  I have been very busy which is wonderful because that means more of you are awakening! The process is painful, I'm not going to sugar coat it. Rejection, Fear, Anger, Guilt, Shame, Sadness, Loneliness, Abandonment, Uncertainty, Irritation.... if you don't know what I'm talking about maybe you opted out of the SHIFT thats happening on the planet right now but I would not say your lucky because your missing out! I think it has become undeniable but than again there are always those that don't have a clue about what I'm talking about. There is so much out there now so it makes it easier for those that want to awaken to do so, and there are more healers than ever holding space for a million more to step into their true selves.  Those who wish to stay in denial will have the hardest time here right now, old patterns, religions, out dated traditions or world views, rigidness, limiting beliefs all hold us back and I do have compassion for those suffering. Try not to get angry if a partner is not evolving or a friend or family, they will in their divine time. What's important is that you keep moving forward and open to your greatness, by healing yourself.  Everything is perfectly unfolding and the more we let go the easier it becomes. Many are being forced to look at themselves and although pointing the finger seems apporpriate and justifying, these lessons we have been in are perfect for our own personal journey and growth and what be are transforming to become. I feel like I have become an expert at holding space for others to see their answer and themselves clearly.  This comes from practice but above that listening.  When we listen to the energy, to our hearts, to that space between each other it is impossible to hide the truth. And why do we have to go through all this??!!  Can't we just skip over all the healing!  Well you can't skip over it but you can make it a lot more fun!  We cannot enjoy the light when we are weighed down with an emotional mess and debris and density, so have some laughs while your taking yourself so seriously and enjoy the process that you will never have to go through ever again. Letting go is an understatement, I think letting go has taking on a deeper form for myself as I have had to really look at old beliefs that were causing me to suffer. Really be a detective and see what your triggers are because there my friend is the answer to your own healing.  To not engage in the madness of one's world is a skill that does take practice. Learning to listen and not take things personally will bring you much freedom.   Above all else listen to your soul, your guidance, to Spirit.  The universe is amazing, it has an intelligence, an infinite intelligence that is you and is connected to everyone and everything. I feel that this divine flow is our destiny and we will all be aligning to it, willingly or unwilling.  Sometimes I feel the oneness when I'm out and about or with a group of people and that I am not a body at all. Having this awareness while in a my body is fearlessness and a new comfort.  We can intellectually understand oneness meaning from a cerebal perspective but feeling it and being it is a whole new ball game. I have been very excited about the new energies coming in, I love the highs and bliss points and man do I feel good. The knowing of who we are is deeply powerful and yet profound evereytime.  Our natural state of being feels like euphoria truly and we all get glimpses of it here and there through out our roller coaster ride of healing.  Everyone is going through big things right now, and they are scared, the unknown is scary...or is it? Theres always a light at the end of the tunnel and this light is forever.  I am moving into a more joyful place in my heart and I want to share the energy and vibration with the world. I love holding space for people to get clarity and to remember who they are, but most of all I love watching one shift their entire energy to that of connection and love.  It is a privelge to be here on the planet right now with all of you. Remember who you are and if your not sure yet make it your mission to find out.  Consciousness is shifting and we are destined to become great. Everything that is happening is a blessing and moving us forward to a new world, and a new way to live. We are moving into the next dimensions and calling them home. With these shifts our telepathy will improve, our intuition, and our sensitivities. Make sure to surround yourself with other people that are awakening or awakened, vibration is key and being in the energy of openness and love, connection and acceptance will keep your vibration in a good place.  All you have to do is ask and it is given.  Connect with your soul families and kindered spirits! We are all being asked to step into things that are a bit uncomfortable but remember its for a greater cause.  Follow your inner guidance with confidence and passion. Trust the process!   As always my advice is to stay in good company while going through the shift, reach out and get help, open your heart and be authentic, and don't take things personally. The truth is always within you. May you be blessed with true freedom the limitless possibilities of your soul. You are the light let it shine through. Connect soon  Love  Heather Faun Basl