Surviving The Shift of the Super Full Moon

Hello fellow light ones,

I have been feeling the effects of this moon for the last few days and really had a good long cry this morning. As we know full moons help us access our feelings and release them, but this moon has amplified that a bit. Right now all of us are feeling our inner pains, our sorrows, and where we have come short in the mix. We all have healing we are doing whether one talks about it or not we are all feeling the squeeze of this full moon on our hearts. Its like the energy is wrapping itself around our hearts and wringing them out. What is coming out? Well that would be all those lovely emotions and feelings that you are having right now! This is a time when our feelings come alive and bubble up, things that have been secretly bothering us while we grin and say "I'm fine"  things we bottle up are just as important to acknowledge as the happy joyful ones.  When our frustrations heat up and we have had absolutely enough of someone or something. This is when our deep wounds are shown to us and where we need to change things in our life. Its never bad to cry, and its never wrong to have sadness, anger, or frustration. However transform your life from these powerful little feelings and messengers releasing from your soul right now! We are all being confronted with our darker side or wounded side and that is a blessing. As this comes up and starts to release you may feel like you are truly moving backwards because we do regress some or have regressed some this past month, the end of November took us a few steps back into our pain and suffering and we are somewhat drowning in the release of it all right now.  Don't mean to sound depressing but it is a time of deep soul healing.  We are letting go or trying to let go of parts of ourselves that we have found so much comfort in...I even made myself my favorite comfort foods as my release came up...and resorted to making a casserole my mom used to make when I was a child which I haven't ate in I'm right there with all you in this.  Just because I get information and do healing work on others doesn't mean I have done all my work, I always have something to improve, I am actively feeling this with you and have compassion for those in the hardest situations right now. We are experiencing the growing pains of becoming more evolved.  We thought the ascension process was going to be easy....ha! It has its highs and lows thats for sure but most of all is that we must stay steady, wait out the storm, never give up!  Each moon will peel back layers for you and with your own desire to be greater it will reveal what you are not. In this you find the release. We are all working on becoming brighter and lighter and we are feeling the heaviness of the world and what we have created. You will make it through these emotions and come out free as a bird but it is a process. This month of December brings so much emotion and energy up that you may find it very hard to do your normal christmas things. We are all going into a deep state of transformation and hibernation and if you haven't tried energy healing I truly suggest you do this month! Just to help you clear out what's coming up and stay centered, or else it will be coming out at all those around you! Oh and did I say sensitive? I forgot to mention our increased sensitivity next year!  Holy Shift in our abilities like telepathy, clairaudience, and intuition!  So everybody take a deep breath in .........we will get through this and its necessary for us to make the changes in our life we need to make. This should push you to the next step, mainly because you have had enough of the past patterns! Looking forward to connecting with you again soon and if you are desiring a space to help shift this energy check out the upcoming soul transformation retreats on the site. 

Peace and Harmony to you light ones

Love Heather