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Energy Forecast~ How are you all doing after these past 2 weeks? Last week was very intense, sometimes I was floating with the energy waves and other times I would cry. I really felt the roller coaster! Apologies for being behind on my updates I have been extremely busy myself sorting out the new shifts for myself and than trying to relay them to you!

Last week you may have felt a little spacey, tired, confused, overwhelmed, scattered, slow, maybe a good word is “out of it” lol because well…you were! Huge releases were able to finally arrive for us and I saw many breakthroughs with long standing issues clients had as well. Many people were crying and sometimes for no reason. Things are moving on out, that I do know. However it comes rolling in for you is perfect but it is definitely hitting the masses now. Yes even those of you that haven’t had a clue of anything happening even feel it! Use to be the sensitives and healers getting the hit mostly and now oh everyone is feeling it! Couldn’t wait for this day to come! So open conversation, share what is happening for you, we are all going through something right now that is for sure and by sharing ourselves and being as authentic as we possibly can it will help each other through these big shifts and downloads that are happening.

The shifts are not just energetically happening but physically too. The earth is effected and so are our bodies. Health issues will pop up easier and amplify. On the flip side you will see people miraculously heal from major illness as well. The earth will go through her own changes just as we are individually.

What is a shift? What is a download? I guess I assume everyone knows these words by now, perhaps not. The “shift” I refer to often is a shift in consciousness that has been talked about for some time now. It is a shift in how we see ourselves and the world, it is a new perception, paradigm and way of living based on an inner awakening. A download in an energy stream of new information or programing, much like on a computer. We have been gets lots of these!

Whatever we may call it, if we tune in, it’s indisputable that something big is happening to us. But there’s no stopping it or stopping the contagious awakening taking place right now. The sooner we can get on board and align with the new energies coming in, the easier it’s going to be to make the shift. What happens is we get irritated and uncomfortable when we don’t let go, when we try to avoid our fear and tears and when we have to change our life. Shifts help us align to a greater way of life and way to be. It forces us to leave things that are not serving us and do things out of integrity and love. Much has been written, spoken and channeled about the Fifth Dimension and humanity’s ascension into this new realm of existence. In addition, many “ordinary” people are now having their own experiences, visions and inner “downloads” about the Fifth Dimension because it is here and many are already participating in it.

ITS HAPPENING TO YOU! We are all a mess and scattered right now because we are in the in-between stage. We are floating between realms. We are in the Transitional Times
We are currently in what’s been called “transitional times” or the “end times”.

These are the times in which we are experiencing the death of third-dimensional reality, while at the same time beginning to travel through new and unknown landscapes of the 4th Dimension.
In essence, one whole structure of reality is collapsing, while a new one is emerging. It’s to be expected that some chaos, confusion and disorientation will reign both within and around us, as we attempt to adapt to a whole new way of experiencing reality.

Many of us are beginning to experience radical changes in our lives, as we enter into these times. Whatever does not serve us in shifting into a higher dimension has to fall away.
This can include,

old relationships
lifetime careers
approaches to life we’ve traditionally taken
an out-dated sense of identity
any limited or negative thoughts and emotions that holds us in a lower vibration

Ascension into the Fifth Dimension Viyda Frazier
According to ascension teachings, the earth and all beings living on the earth are in the process of shifting into a whole new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, compassion, peace and spiritual wisdom prevails. This has been called the Fifth Dimension.

Some say this shift will probably be complete within the next couple of decades; others give no date. But all seem to agree it will be complete sometime in the near future, although individuals will be each moving into the Fifth Dimension at their own rate when their frequency is high enough to match the vibration of the higher dimension.

Most teachings state that the shift the earth and humanity are taking into the Fifth Dimension has been “planned” for eons. Also that it has already been happening in the last few decades.
December 21, 2012 was a date that was given as the mid-point of the shift taking place, and that it will continue to unfold in more and more obvious ways, picking up speed, as time goes on.
You can consciously let go of old patterns, release negative emotions, judgments and thoughts, and work on keeping your vibration high at all times. This effort will likely ensure that your journey through the Fourth Dimension will be a lot smoother and even perhaps more rapid.
But there’s no right way to make this journey. We each have to do it the way that’s best for us. One way or another, we will make it into the new reality that lies before us.

What an exciting time to alive! So don’t be a stranger talk about whats happening to you and open up to others because I promise they are feeling funny too! Many people will not be able to handle the new energies coming in these next few months, if you thought the last few months brought up a lot shit look out! Many will decide to exit or cross over due to the vibration change and frequencies penetrating the planet. All fine and ok! Just transitioning because as you know its very hard to be in a body right now! Those of you signed up for the long haul roll up your sleeves and don’t be afraid of your dark side or getting a little dirty they never said it was going to be easy! Transform your darkness! Stay close to love and find things that make you laugh well your shedding decades of past lives, come together when possible and share your experiences. We are in the END TIMES~