Spring Equinox

Happy Spring! Its Here!! Did you have a few moments today of reflection on this past year and what your struggles were and what has transformed. You have indeed changed a lot and have come a long way. Honor your journey and what you have learned for it is real wisdom for the year ahead!  If you thought something would never change or move forward, I bet you are going love the equinox, it has a way of birthing things into form. Aries is an energy that is action and a doer. We should regain our passions and have momentum now. Visualize what you want to create this year! What do you want to do?! Where do you want to go? What kind of year are you going to birth with this marvelous energy?  I really enjoyed and loved the lightning storm last night that brought in the Equinox WOW what a force!  You can grow beyond measure, can soar to new heights, and can exceed all expectations.  Its time to fly! Have an extraordinary year.   Blessings Heather Faun