Full Moon for June 9th 2017

Full Moon in Sagittarius this Friday and although its a little cloudy by me at the moment the moon was fully ripe and bright last night when I went to bed.  Closure anyone? We are officially closing chapters and embarking on the new ones. You may have found yourself able to feel some of the alignment happening with your own life by feeling into your heart center and noticing the happiness that stems from you setting forth on your purpose.  We are being guided to look at our truth and who and what we really are. We have been challenged these past few weeks to let go of the wants that aren't really in alignment with our goals and dreams.  What brings you closer to your purpose? your passion? Your goal? which takes you away from it?  We are being tested a bit on what we have learned in past experiences and if we are going to repeat patterns or move to higher ground. This moon will bring an ending to karmic lessons world wide and individually we will check in with ourselves and see if we are still tempted to waiver.  We are set out for an adventure and the universe wants to get us to where we need to go. All we need to do is tell the truth...to ourselves.  Who are you really? Do you even know? What are you here to do? Have you even asked... The truth is simple and its through our struggles and trials that we uncover what it really is.  I feel this moon has brought some relief and peace to us in that we can see our lessons and really be the observer rather than try another round in the battle field. I guarantee whatever has happened to you in the last few weeks and is surfacing now is one of your big, big lessons here to overcome. To see it, to understand it, to heal from it, and let it go for all eternity!  For some of us its TRUST...do we really trust the process of life? for others its ACCEPTANCE can we accept ourselves and or the present situations, can we really accept that theres more than our perception and things are really working out?  Are we angry? sad? hurt? scared? rejected? abandoned? guilty? impatient? Whats it for you? Can you see it now? We all have karmic energy releasing right now and its being cleared so we can set sail for the infinite! We are hopping aboard the Unknown and that is either super scary or by now if your on the tail end of this energy shift like I am kinda of exciting!  Sagittarius wants the truth and to be free.  Our emotions can keep us from traveling confidently on our journey or they can fuel us to never look back.  I encourage you to venture out and explore your own heart. What in gods good earth is even in there?  I'm laughing as I say that because the answer is "Everything."  Be true to your truth and stand in the love of your own dreams and goals. We are here to manifest greatness and be the graduated warrior of our own story.   What's your story....  Are you Ready?  Set yourself Free. 

Moon Blessings

Heather Faun