New Moon Today!  ⭐️ We Can Create Miracles Everywhere

New Moon ⭐️ today. Wonderful shifts going on for the world and you as well. May we remember why we are here—to be conduits of higher consciousness—to serve what needs to be done in any given moment.

When we are turned on and listening, open to serving we can create miracles everywhere we go.

We are all asked to help but we all aren't always turned on. In our manifestations today may we also take a moment to ask what actually needs to be manifested for the whole and focus our intention on that. Our energy is powerful so plug in and be of service to manifest an amazing evolved place to experience being human.

We ask god/universe for a lot and when in alignment we do receive it but let's start to take it one step further today and ask What shall you have me manifest dear universe? What shall you have me do? See what you hear as a reply. And get to it!!

You can create all you desire and also use your abilities to create for all.