Full Moon July 9th

Full Moon in Capricorn and with the Sun in Cancer.  These last few days may have made you feel a  little irritated or easy to get agitated, not because of other people but because of yourself. Our own stuff makes us moody and the last few days has brought deeper patterns to the surface and I'm sure you noticed them. Its kinda of impossible not to notice whats there trying to release from  your consciousness right now. You may feel down that you still have any old patterns at all...but as they surface more and more they are easier to see, recognize and choose a better response.  We are also witnessing a purge of energy through our energetic bodies and we see it as it comes up to release so don't get too down on yourself or any situations as it is part of the process to release these old energies for good.  This moon is getting to the deeper stuff that has been in the way for the major breakthroughs. Its like the rock that finally gets unstuck.  We can see ourselves a little clearer and where our hang ups are. I was getting pretty irritated the other day and I could clearly see it was me and my pattern. Made me more frustrated that I could see it so clearly! LOL  We are processing a lot right now. This moon has us sitting in a space where we can get to the bottom of who we are and what we need to let go of to get there.  What do I want...who am I ....why am I here...what is going on....where am i!  Its a little confusing here and there's nothing to hang on to.  We have to trust and be willing to see ourselves and where our own short comings are and let those go!   Where we are afraid we need to walk and where we are resistant we need to embrace. Life is moving along with or without us...so we have a choice to let go move on or stay in our safe place. You may have wanted some alone time or space with all of your energies flying around. Taking time to reflect and feel, allowing yourself good sleep and rest to allow your body to move out whats not serving you is good.  This moon gives us that deeper push into what we really need to do in our life, what do we really need to change?  It will help you move that block so you can sincerely move forward.  Although very hard something very necessary in your life needs to be let go of and I'm sure you know what that is!  Truth about your relationships will be clear and how you really feel about them and the situation. You will see where your heart is and most likely choose to follow that path. Clarity on different levels is pushing through the layers to penetrate deep into our consciousness and we are needing these energies to be strong and resilient to walk our paths. Some of us have been scared to jump into our next journeys and its because we don't know what will happen! And some of us can see glimpses into the future and that scares us too! Its all okay!  Life is moving and we will be severely uncomfortable if we ignore the things coming up this full moon.  Suffering is something we are creating not what the universe wants for us. The suffering comes in us not changing or holding on to the past. When will we see that change and growth is for a better life? Let the emotions pass and go for it. You know what you need to do. Its only up from here!  What are you waiting for...things hurt and are painful but not forever. Whatever is lost or leaving you brings the message of new growth and new beginnings.  Release whats blocking you from being happy and brilliant and get on with your beautiful life.  It's a time of Miracles! 

Moon Blessings 

Heather Faun