Indigo Children

Raising funds for Ascension! Please read through our passion and mission for an evolved school.  We are developing an on line program and wish to have a physical location in the future with the help of donations and investments.  Please contact me if you are interested.

Teach children how to develop their intuitive abilities and live from their natural senses and gifts. Children can express brilliance and heightened senses when allowed to naturally, they can enhance understanding, compassion, love, prayer, connection, peace, nature, heart awareness, alchemy, creativity, and co-existing with the planet.  Awaken at a young age, keep the knowing that you are a divine energy and learn ancient wisdom’s of our ancestors that have evolved their vibration passed the intellectual thinking into the art of being and knowing the Self and living in harmony with our planet.

Ascension, a school for evolved children. The future is in our children, the future is Ascension.


Ascension School of Light—Online Ascension Schooling for kids

Ascension is an on line schooling program for children of all ages. Each child works with a different teacher on line, over the phone, or in person. These teachings and wisdoms cover all classes on our grace programs: developing intuition, awakened consciousness, meditation, yoga, nutrition, nature, earth harmony, self sustainability, gardening, eco-friendly products and living, the energy body- chakras, spirit guides, angels, flower essences, herbal medicines, all ancient healing modalities, the light self, peace skills, evolved reading, evolved science, astrology, alchemy, sacred geometry and universal mathematics to name a few! Each teacher has a lesson plan for that individual child and they mold to fit their path and purpose. We use the Akashic records to uncover the child’s purpose at a young age and critique their schooling to amplify their connection, mission and strengthen abilities that support their path.  These sessions can occur weekly or as you and the teacher schedule time to share wisdom with your child. As a parent you may choose which classes you desire for your child to match their greatest potential. We discuss together a schooling plan that best fits your child and recommend the angel teachers for their curriculum. We are working on building Ascension Schools in the physical form, which will be an enlightened, enriching and nourishing space for children to evolve and ascend. Sacred geometry, self- sustainable operation and community are our school’s future.  Please contact us if you feel called to add assistance or donate towards this project.

Ascension has a kids counsel and an adult counsel working together to bring forth the highest awareness possible for the planet. Please contact Heather at for individual school plans. Parents are recommended to enroll in the parents program while their children are in school.
Heather Basl