Kids Retreat Sedona


Kids Retreat Sedona


3 day kids retreat in Sedona AZ! Let children open to who they are and remember their true essence. We spend 3 days visiting Angel Valley with a healthy lunch and see peace park for meditation. At Angel Valley we visit the chakra sites and angel sites along with take a hike and walk the labyrinth and medicine wheels. We learn how to connect with our hearts, the angels and the beings that guide us on our journey. We learn techniques to clear our energy and release blocked emotions. Parents are welcome to join us in the activities and also have some time to do their own meditation. Children are here to teach us, they are the evolution of who we are. We allow their magic to shine! They learn how to use their thoughts to help them visualize and meditate to create things in this world. We use art to help them stimulate their creative intelligence and bring their ideas into form. Their power within is so great and needed to help see a new better world into being. Using ancient teachings made easy ,children get to express and believe again!

Teachings for the children include various subjects regarding intuitive abilities, energy, meditation, telepathy, telekinesis, alchemy, angels, healing, crystals, heart awareness imagination and power of intention. Led by myself, Grail, and other other little teachers.

Retreat Leaders:

Grail Basl - Visionary ( 7 yrs old)

Heather Basl -Spiritual Healer Medium

Kelly Crandall ~ Spiritual Artist and Art teacher

Jan 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2020 Sedona AZ 9am -3pm

Cost $.00

Ages 5-12

(siblings 20% discounted) payment plan available. Lunch is included. Accommodations are not included.

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