Soul Transformation—Glenview—Sept 21st 9am-5pm 2019


Soul Transformation—Glenview—Sept 21st 9am-5pm 2019


A one-day retreat where we remove and clear thought patterns and energies that are preventing us from living our life in freedom. Unlock your potential and be the light you are meant to be. A day to clear and create. Heather will help you identify what needs to shift and hold space for you to shift the energy.

Dates: Saturday Sept 21st 9am-5pm 2019

Location: 1800 Dewes Street, Suite D Glenview, IL

Tuition: $155

Next date for a retreat Oct 19th 9am-5pm

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A retreat where we remove anything blocking and holding us back! We are a beautiful light that has been covered with emotional memories and layers of beliefs. We can uncover that light and unlock the true potential that is waiting for us. Morning is about letting go, identifying fears, releasing/clearing and understanding what has been blocking us. Afternoon is a high energy day of creating, connecting and visualizing our dreams and desires into fruition. Things happen rather fast in your life after you come to a soul retreat so be ready for changes! Realize your true potential! A lighter, brighter you!

What to expect

Soul Transformation Retreats are about you, they are about your soul's evolution. It's a self transformation retreat so it's all about your own journey. You discover things about yourself that were holding you back and keeping you small and truly begin to see and feel how amazing you really are and what kind of life you deserve and wish to create. Techniques we do together you can take home with you. Forgiveness, healing, meditation and connection. Heather knows how to take you deep within yourself to get answers and clear the way to your light!

The people that go become close and develop a soul family, they feel connected even after our short time together! You can attend as many soul retreats as you wish and each one will be unique to wherever you are at on your journey during that time.

The more you are in the energy, the more you move forward its that simple. Hope to see you at one or many of our life changing retreats!

Location:  1800 Dewes Street, Suite D Glenview, Illinois

Tuition:  $155